News from the Department of Translational Genomics

Women & Science 05

09/05/2022 | Dr. Ilaria Malanchi (CRICK, London)

Women & Science 04

05/09/2022 | Dr. Lina Vollmer (University of Cologne)

Floor-Meeting guest speaker

03/17/2022 | Prof. Roland Schwarz on 28th March 2022

Publication in Molecular Cancer Therapeutics

03/07/2022 | CD74-NRG1 fusions are oncogenic in vivo and induce therapeutically tractable ERBB2:ERBB3 heterodimerization

Women & Science talk

02/01/2022 | Professor Caroline Dive (CRUK, Manchester, UK)

Publication in NPJ Precision Oncology

12/23/2021 | Clonal dynamics of BRAF-driven drug resistance in EGFR-mutant lung cancer

Floor-Meeting guest speaker

12/14/2021 | Prof. Dr. Christian Frezza on 31st January 2022

Research Graphic

Publication in Nature Genetics

11/25/2021 | Study on the evolution of complex genomic amplifications in cancer

Principal Investigators

Publication in Nature Communications

11/24/2021 | Study on the combination of targeted therapy and immunotherapy

DTG goes Social Media

11/10/2021 | We are now also on Twitter and LinkedIn