News from the Department of Translational Genomics

Publication in ‘The Journal of Clinical Investigation’

11/01/2023 | Another building block for personalized medicine for lung cancer is discovered

CMMC Seminar: The structure and function of G-quadruplexes

10/19/2023 | Sir Shankar Balasubramanian on 03rd November 2023

Mildred Scheel endowed professorship established

09/04/2023 | Martin Peifer's professorship was made permanent in the Department of Translational Genomics

Women & Science 10

08/28/2023 | Prof. Dr. Daniela Elsner, Gutenberg University Mainz

Extension of SFB1399

05/22/2023 | Funding for worldwide largest research consortium on Small Cell Lung Cancer extended for four additional years

Floor-Meeting guest speaker

03/27/2023 | Dr. Colin LaMont on 27th March 2023

Women & Science 06

03/09/2023 | Prof. Karen Miga, University of California, USA

Laura Kaiser won poster prize

12/04/2022 | e:Med Meeting 2022 on Systems Medicine

Women & Science 05

09/05/2022 | Dr. Ilaria Malanchi (CRICK, London)

Women & Science 04

05/09/2022 | Dr. Lina Vollmer (University of Cologne)